Automatic video system detection

What does a meeting invitation look like?

Most video vendors on the market have their own systems for invitations and participation. Additionally, users typically type manual meeting invitations or edit the default templates. This provides enormously many different variants, which create challenges for traditional text parsing.

Kinly wanted to build a fully automated mobile application for video conferencing and contacted Bionic to solve the challenge.

Bionic delivered

Bionic was responsible for concept development, design and machine learning in the project. We provided user interface design and core technology for video system recognition.

Bionic followed the project from idea to launch.

User experience

The app acts as a meeting assistant that helps the user to save time and prevent frustration on a busy day. The user can easily attend video meetings from different providers, either in the office, on the bus, at the cabin, or at home.

The assistant learns the user's preferences, and provides recommendations and suggestions to the user in relation to situations and context. For example, it will recommend you to attend video conferencing directly from your phone if you are late to the meeting room.


Bionic built software components for iOS and Android with the AI Core and AI Text modules. The software scans the user's calendar and recognizes meeting invitations from the seven largest video meeting services internationally. Then it searches for relevant data such as PINs, so the user does not have to manually enter it.


The software scans and recognizes a calendar entry in one millisecond so the user does not experience loading time.