Main Module for Pattern Recognition with Machine Learning. The software can process text, images, and sensor information as well as analyze larger datasets.

The software module is designed for integration both in new and existing projects, and can be run locally and in the cloud.

The software does not require extensive learning time or processing power.
Easy to use
The software compares distances between text and reference basis, and ranks by relevancy. The method is very useful where traditional text pairing is insufficient.

Can eg. is used to prevent duplicates and false information in data sets. The software has a very high performance, typically one million records will take one millisecond.
Very dynamic and usable
Lightning fast parsing of text
Acquisition and analysis of image information to identify faces and objects, as well as map rooms and elements in the scene.
The Vision module can be used for camera-based authentication and access control.
Supports both real-time and post-processing
Modular signal processing software for filtering, spectral analysis, and estimation.

The algorithms enable detection and calculation of key characteristics of the sensor signal. This, combined with machine learning, enables detection of characteristic signal content such as signatures, transients, and other signal paths of interest.

The module consists of a variety of algorithms and supports a wide range of sensors.
Easily integrate into existing systems
Low hardware requirements
Configurable and modular

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